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We are transcribing the interviews into an oral history.
Greg Beets is writing the biographical parts for each chapter.

chapter 0. Nobody Here But Us Wounded Chickens - FOREWORD
chapter 1. The Cavity Creeps - CAVITY
chapter 2. Johnny Cash Sat Here - EMO'S
chapter 3. None of the Hits, All of the Time - RADIO
chapter 4. Cheap Music, Fast Drinks, Live Women - HOLE IN THE WALL
chapter 5. Those Horses Do Bite! - BLUE FLAMINGO
chapter 6. We’ll Just Rock For Ourselves - CHANCES
chapter 7. Screaming in the Sweatbox - SWEATBOX STUDIO
chapter 8. Raw Meat in the Studio - CapZeyeZ TV
chapter 9. Putting the Word in the Streets - ZINES and THE PRESS
chapter 10. Bitter People With No Future Selling Music - SOUND EXCHANGE
chapter 11. Bitter People With No Future Starting Labels - RECORD LABELS
chapter 12. Love and Napalm - TRANCE SYNDICATE
chapter 13. My Childhood Hero is Getting Pelted by Roses - ELECTRIC LOUNGE
chapter 14. By the 90s, We Were Rocking - LIBERTY LUNCH
chapter 15. It Doesn’t Go On Forever - THE END
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